Welcome to Noches Áticas, a website for enjoy History, as simple as that.

If you are here, it is because you like or even get pasionated about History stories. We are a group of friends sharing the same passions than you and this website has been produced by us to contribute in a small way to the huge leisure arsenal related to the chronicles about our past.

The axis of our web is our Podcast. That´s the reason of this project.

The reason about naming our project “Noches Áticas” is to pay little contribute to Aulio Gelio, a great roman of 2nd century AD that, during the longest winter nights in Atica, produced a splendid work, a sublime miscellany of notes referring curiosities and short stories.

That´s also our modest mission: to entertain and culturally enrich every people who come to this place.

We´ll try to work, bearing in mind the permanent improvement. We start with limitations but also with a big illusion, and we hope to be inspired enough by muses to achieve it.